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You trusted the automotive experts at Texan Hyundai to help you find your new Hyundai Elantra, Tucson, Veloster, Santa Fe Sport or Accent...You may have even turned to us for some help with financing...So why would you turn anywhere else for help with your car maintenance?

Five Frequently Asked Service Questions

Unsure of where the problem is coming from? Regular maintenance could possibly solve it. If anything, allowing our technicians to inspect your vehicle can ensure that we get ahead of potential problems before they snowball into something more costly.

Why Is My Car Overheating?

One of the main reasons Houston drivers might find their vehicles overheating is a problem with the cooling system. This could mean the system has a leak, broken water pump, or damaged radiator fan. If it's not addressed at our service center and continues to overheat, your engine could become damaged.

Why Is My Vehicle Vibrating?

A vibrating or shaky car can have a few different causes, misaligned wheels, distressed engine, or worn tires. Our technicians can nail down a more concrete reason by conducting a multi-point inspection of your vehicle.

We can realign the wheels and check out the suspension and connecting systems. A tire rotation can help your tires last longer, so the treads won't deteriorate as quickly. Dirty or lack of oil in your engine can cause it to shudder, which can make the whole cabin vibrate. A quick oil change or top-off can solve that with ease.

Why Won't My Car Start?

Are you having to jumpstart your vehicle often? Is there a long delay between turning the key and the engine starting? Or perhaps your car won't turn on at all! This could be directly related to the car battery.

Our team can check the power level in your car battery or replace it with a new one. A depleted battery can have a negative effect on the vehicle as a whole. Having it inspected at Texan Hyundai regularly can let you know when it's time for a replacement, so your vehicle doesn't suffer.

Why Is My Car Making Odd Sounds?

While driving, if you hear any grinding, screeching, or squealing noises, take note! It's always better to address these problems than disregard them, especially when they might have something to do with the functionality of your brakes. Texan Hyundai can inspect the brake pads for wear and have them replaced immediately if necessary.

Why Can't I Accelerate Properly?

Acceleration problems can be directly related to various filters within the car. A clogged fuel filter can hinder the performance of your engine. Whereas a dirty air filter can mess with the engine's sensors and can thus cause your fuel economy to falter as well.

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