Electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular than ever as drivers seek ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. You have numerous options, so knowing what to look for is essential to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Here are some tips for EV shopping, from budget and driving range to charge options and driving differences.

Ownership Costs

The first thing you need to consider is your budget and the cost of owning an EV. New EVs may qualify for a clean car tax rebate to help offset the initial cost of buying the EV. You'll also want to compare the lower cost of charging the battery to refilling a gas tank. EVs also need less scheduled maintenance, thanks to no engine requiring oil changes.


Texas car buyers can take advantage of various state and federal incentives, including tax credits, rebates, and exemptions that will often help offset the initial cost of purchasing your favorite EV. Make sure to research the available incentives to get the best deal on your purchase.


Your weekly and monthly driving habits are another important factor. The battery size will dictate your maximum driving range, so it’s important to choose one with a large enough battery that will accommodate your daily work commute. Extreme weather conditions may also impact the battery's range, so you should consider how hot or cold the temperatures get where you live throughout the year.


Many cities now have charging stations, making replenishing the battery easy and convenient. You can install a 240-volt AC Level 2 charging station at home for instant access and the best results. A home charger uses the same power source used for your laundry and kitchen appliances, using a different type of outlet.

Test Drive

EVs use an electric motor and a single gearbox to propel the vehicle, delivering instant torque and smooth acceleration. They're also extremely quiet while driving compared to gas-powered cars. Getting used to the silent motor may take time, but many drivers appreciate the peaceful ride. Taking your favorite electric vehicle for a test drive is the only way to see how you'll enjoy driving it before buying it.

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